Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Return of the 'Pod People

Ok, after all the furor my previous post about iPods raised, I have some clarifications to make:

1) Radio still rules. Without it there would be no call-in shows. Radio is interactive. Podcasting is not--I don't care how cool it is (and it is cool)--it is by its very nature isolating, not unifying. (That is, until people start getting together and throwing podcast parties...Can't you just see it? "Hey, let's get a keg and download that last Randi Rhodes show!")

2) I don't care how much my friends think they know about music, history, and life, DJs like Kid Leo, Wolfman Jack, B.B. King (that's right he was a DJ) and Little Steven know infinitely more. And were/are just cooler than you and me. There is no substitute for a great DJ. (And while that includes club DJs, theirs is a different species altogether.) Same thing goes for talk show hosts. There is a reason why some of these people never got on the air. Just cos they can podcast doesn't necessarily make them good.

3) The promo art on albums/CDs/posters/whatever RULES, and is an integral part of this music. If you don't believe me, witness the uproar over Nike's co-opting of Minor Threat's artwork, and some music fans' reactions. Until they come up with a way to beam the artwork into my brain whilst I'm listening to the new Madonna track, it just won't be the same.

4) All this iPod crap is just too damn time-consuming. Uploading, downloading, synching, finding quote one of my favorite characters in Barry Levinson's classic film, Diner: "Who gives a shit? I just wanna hear the music." Make it easier or you won't get my money.

There endeth the lesson.

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