Saturday, June 25, 2005

Hypocrisy 101

I wanna know:

-why is it ok for men to chase women, but not for women to chase men?

-why is it ok for older men to be with younger women, but not ok for older women to be with younger men?

-why it is that when men have strong opinions it's considered intellectual, but when women have them it's considered bitchy?

-who made the rule that if women don't have children they are "unfulfilled"?

-who made the rule that women aren't supposed to understand cars, sports, math or politics

-who made the rule that women who are over 40 are disposable?

If I chase guys, look at younger men, have strong opinions, am childless, drive a stick shift and know how to check the oil, understand soccer, football, baseball, hockey and basketball, enjoy algebra and can talk politics with the best of them and AM STILL HERE...

What am I? Cause I sure as hell can't be a woman...

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