Thursday, March 17, 2005

Selective Service?

Well, it seems the previous post has gotten people riled up. Good, that was the idea. Now let's look at the Selective Service System a little more closely. Here are some of the more, shall we say, interesting facets of this lovely entity vis-a-vis the current situation:

- The circumstances under which a draft may occur: "A crisis occurs which requires more troops than the volunteer military can supply. Congress passes and the President signs legislation which starts a draft." Well now, more troops, huh? Who gets to decide that one? Seems to me we are already scraping the bottom of the barrel with the so-called back-door draft, in which tours are being involuntarily extended for National Guardspeople. Only a matter of time before it becomes a military necessity, seems to me.

- Undocumented (illegal) aliens are required to register. And let's not forget the permanent resident aliens and special (seasonal) agricultural workers! That's right, we want you migrants and undocumented types to bend over for us one more time. It's not enough that we deny you fair wages, health insurance, etc., that our economy sucks you dry while we all look the other way. Now go lose a limb for us, dammit! Give us your tired and your we can send them to Iraq! (And of course, I don't know about you, but if I were an illegal, I sure as heck wouldn't be contacting the U.S. government for any reason.)

- Refugee, parolee, and asylee aliens must also register. So I guess if you are running from a fascist dictator and have taken refuge here, we may just send you back there in the uniform of the fabulous U.S. of A. Righteous!

- If you are physically or mentally handicapped but "able to function in public with or without assistance", you must register. Hmm, I suppose that's an ADA thing, but honestly, if I were handicapped, serving in the military wouldn't be high on my list.

- "Beliefs which qualify a registrant for Conscientious Objector status may be religious in nature, but don't have to be. Beliefs may be moral or ethical; however, a man's reasons for not wanting to participate in a war must not be based on politics, expediency, or self-interest. In general, the man's lifestyle prior to making his claim must reflect his current claims." Well now, why would you object if not for self-interest? How is this decided, and by whom? Just asking.

- "Current plans are frequently tested, evaluated, and revised as necessary. If implemented, they will guide the Selective Service System in making a smooth transition from current reduced readiness levels to full conscription within six months." Hmm, they better get crackin' on this one. Seems to me we may be needing bodies before August...

On the up side, I do see that the criteria for being drafted are a lot more equitable than those that existed during the Vietnam war. And that's a good thing. Let's just keep fingers crossed we never have to see them in action. But I'm not holding my breath...

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