Thursday, March 17, 2005

Darkness Falls...

From William Pitt's Truthout blog:

"'In a time of chimpanzees, I was a monkey.'

- Beck, 'Loser' recap:

Neocon warlord Paul Wolfowitz will head the World Bank;

The White House illegally puts out fake news reports, and the Justice Department does nothing;

Another $81 billion of your money and mine is to be poured onto the Iraqi sand;

The GOP majority in Congress is preparing to trash 200 years of Senate tradition in order to post a number of certifiably insane people to the bench;

Kevin Martin, a conservative Christian activist for the GOP, will now chair the FCC;

The Alaskan National Wildlife Reserve, one of the most ecologically pristine areas remaining to us, will be paved and drilled for its tiny amount of petroleum.

And that was just yesterday."


I would add the following general comments:

The price of gas just reached a record high, and shows no signs of going down.

The issuance of White House press passes is a joke (see: Gannongate) to say nothing of a major security issue, yet the White House continues to shrug it off.

The bankruptcy bill passed this week makes it harder for average Joes to start over, and much easier for credit card companies to make obscene profits--legally.

The health care system is on the brink of collapse.

The teaching of creationism aka "perfect design" theory in schools is actually open for debate.

Anti-U.N. ghoul John Bolton is being unleashed on the world as our U.N. Ambassador.

More to come...


  1. Re: the White House Press Passes -- security apparently isn't an issue if you're a trusted suck-up. You and I would not be able to get in, but those who serve up softballs like McDonald's serves up cheeseburgers shall have no problems.

    "the horror...the horror..."

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  3. You are stupid and paranoid. If you want to preserve alaska... move up there in the frozen tundra. If you hate america...Leave America. I won't miss you. Investing money in Star Wars is retarded...Paving the road to peace in the middle east is not.

    God Bless America but not you.

  4. Say, Borla - that's a mighty Christian attitude you have there.