Monday, November 22, 2004

Things I Like

On a more mundate note, I plan on submitting for your approval a weekly "top ten" list of things I like, as well as a Hero and Villain of the Week. Some weeks there may be more or less than ten, some weeks there may be only Villains (there seem to be a lot of them just now). But anyway, just because I (sometimes) have nothing better to do than think about these things, I will inflict my likes and dislikes upon you, the reading public. So here goes...

Ten People/Places/Things, etc. That Rock My World

1) The Ryman Auditorium, Nashville TN
2) 20,000 Streets Under the Sky - novel by Patrick Hamilton,
album by...
3) Marah
4) Driving through Kentucky horse country and actually seeing the bluegrass
6) Hot oatmeal on a cold rainy day
7) "Vertigo" - new single by U2
8) southern hospitality
9) Maker's and coke
10) Bob Dylan - the actor, the writer, the musician, the genius

Hero of the Week

Tie: -Former CIA agent Michael Scheuer, who resigned in protest and told the true story of the lies and incompetence surrounding the war in Iraq on national television ["60 Minutes" report].

-The former soldiers injured in Iraq who spoke up about their physical and mental injuries and about how, even if these injuries were received in a hostile war zone, they are not included in the "official" Pentagon casualty counts unless they are "the direct cause of combat." [also report on '60 Minutes"]

Villain of the Week

-Colin Powell - why didn't he speak up about the BS intelligence on Iraq when it could have done some actual good? Say, before the election? Why did he resign at the end of the "first term" instead of in protest at the folly in Iraq?

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