Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Letters Home

From my personal journal 11/13/04

I watched the documentary on the letters home from
Iraq last night-it was all I could do. It's such a
tragedy and such a waste. I know they are only selecting
certain letters, but why is it that the best, most
special people, are the ones to be sent to fight and
die needlessly? Why do we continue to waste the best
America has to offer in such a manner?

And it made me sad, seeing all those families. Cos I
don't have a family like that. I have wanted to have a
close-knit family to come home to ever since I saw
C's family. I suppose I never even missed it all
those years--you don't know what you've missed till
you recognize it elsewhere, I suppose--I wish I had a
warm, close group of people to feel sheltered by, to
come home to and feel a part of. Instead I have this
fractured, needy, wounded broken collection of messed
up souls. How nice it would have been if things had
been different...

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