Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year's Manifesto

Just stop it.

Put down the digital camera, iPod, the iPhone, the Blackberry, the Sony Reader, the Kindle, the Wii. Stop playing with it. Turn it off, put it down and fucking pay attention.

Pay attention to the world, to your friends, to the birds perched on your windowsill. To the sound the wind makes when it blows through the trees. To the feeling of cold air on your face and inside your lungs.

Just. Stop.

Stop spending. What are you buying all that stuff for?

Relax. Why are you working so hard?

Slow down. Pay attention. Look people in the eye. Smile at them. Say “please” and “thank you” and hold doors open for people.

Stop tailgating. Don’t honk your horn. Stop cutting people off. Use your turn signal.

Don’t yell. Stop talking. Just listen.

Turn off your goddamn cell phone ringer when you are in a public place, and don’t answer it unless you are alone or you have a real good fucking reason. Call people back when you have time to give them your full attention. Turn off your phone when you are in the checkout line, at a restaurant, a movie, a concert. Turn. It. Off.

Stop texting when you are at a concert, a movie, in the car, when you’re talking to people.

Treat people with courtesy and respect. Be kind to those who serve you.

Be patient with the sick, the weak, the elderly. Smile at them and offer to help.

Pay attention to your kids. Teach them manners, teach them respect, teach them love.

Set a good example.

If you have to think about it twice, don’t do it.

Don’t buy it if you don’t need it.

Turn it off. Slow down. Watch. Listen.

Pay attention.

Love each other.

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