Sunday, October 07, 2007

Livin' in the Future

Bill Flanagan wrote something in his review of Bruce Springsteen's new release Magic that really resonated with me. While I disagree with his overall review, I really liked what he said about Bruce himself:

"[He is] more defiant and less sure that the comforts of old friends and shared experience is a real defense against the world's darkness."

After the events of the last few years--election debacles, Katrina, and countless other disappointments that have made me lose faith in just about everything, that's pretty much how I feel, too. I guess I've always had an affinity for Bruce outside his music because I seem to see the world the same way as he does, and like me, he has gotten more bitter, cynical and disgusted as he's aged. Not much to be done about this I suppose except continue to do what you do and hope someone's listening. But it's gotta be frustrating to be producing some of the best work of your career with material like the Seeger Sessions and know that most people just wanna hear "Badlands" for the 95th time.

For what it's worth, Bruce, though I have some issues with your new record, I'm still with you because, like me, you live with the darkness every day and still manage to come out on the other side. Thanks for everything.

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