Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Things I Like Vol. 37

Ten People/Places/Things That Rock My World:

1) Warren Zevon - Like I have said in the past, it's tough to describe genius, but you know it when you see it.

2) I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - Crystal Zevon - Finally the unvarnished truth about one of the most remarkable, fascinating talents of this past (or any other) century.

3) The Sweet Smell of Success - dir. by Alexander Mackendrick. One of the most brilliant screenplays ever written (by Clifford Odets) and some pretty great performances by Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis. And then there is the beautiful nighttime photography of mid-50s Manhattan. Not to be missed.

4) Dazed and Confused - dir. by Richard Linklater. The closest thing to my high school experience (outside of the utterly brilliant "Freaks and Geeks") ever to appear onscreen. So much truth that it's hard to watch.

5) Fontana's, New York NY - rock'n'roll in Chinatown

6) Richard Bacchus and Sammi Yaffa - 'nuff said

7) Uncle Jimmy's Dirty Basement - New York, NY - Punk rock, puppets and filthy sex jokes. NIICE.

8) Rich Shapiro, comic madman

9) The French Connection - dir. by William Friedkin. They don't make 'em like this anymore. Classic for the car chase scene alone. And Hackman's not bad, either.

10) Adam and Dave's Bloodline - The boys from Philly (Florida, Indiana?) have finally put out their debut disc, eponymously. Couldn't be happier or more proud.

Hero of the Week: Joe Strummer, for walking it like he talked it.

Villain of the Week: Our illustrious president, George W. Bush, for making sure that our National Guard is nowhere to be found when they are needed most. Kansas thanks you.

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