Monday, May 01, 2006

Things I Like Vol. 30

Ten People/Places/Things That Rock My World

1) Status Anxiety - Alain de Botton - the book every American should read but won't
2) The Animal Years - Josh Ritter
3) Entourage - HBO and Adrian Grenier, perfect together
4) cold Corona and lime - can summer be far behind?
5) The Tiki Bar - Asbury Park, NJ- margaritas and tasty waves
6) Comfort Food - Rachael Ray (yeah, I know, I know)
7) Nagle's Pharmacy - Ocean Grove, NJ - ice cream the way it was meant to be
8) Chilangos Authentic Mexican Restaurant - Highlands, NJ
9) Ryan Adams - just 'cause
10) The Mercury Lounge, NYC

Hero of the Week: Cindy Sheehan - still the authentic voice of America's outrage
Villain of the Week (tie): Donald Rumsfeld (no explanation needed) and Condoleezza Rice (ditto)


  1. Arrrgh Rachael Ray!?

    I don't know why but she's like nails on chaulkboard to me. I even have a mean nickname for her, Thumbsy, because of her creepy malformed opposable digits that she insists on jamming way up in the air every time she saves a nickle on "$40 A Day". You just know that she's a sloppy drunk.

    Yeah yeah I know, I'm going to hell, but Gianni Versace throw some pretty killer parties down there.

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