Friday, February 04, 2005

“I want to make a connection with my audience.”

What is the truth?

from Jesse Malin turns up The Heat

"For the coup de grace Jesse finished with a statement almost every
politician has said at some point in their life, only he was talking
about his aim in making music and he meant it;

'I want to make a connection with my audience.'"

That article got me to thinking. What does it truly mean to
connect with people? Because some of the biggest liars in the
history of mankind have made that "connection." That is the
hardest thing, knowing when to believe someone, trusting them
to tell the truth. Our fearless leader "connects" just about every
time he steps out the door. Should we believe him? How much is
truth and how much is performance?

While words can prove false, the emotions with which
they are expressed can be honest. Conversely, when the words
are true, the emotions that express them can be insincere.
Do we believe the emotions behind the speaker? Or
do we believe the words he or she speaks?
If, as we are told, we should trust the art and not the
artist, let the art speak for itself, are we not required
to place it in some sort of context?

Actions speak louder than words, or so the saying goes.
Watch this president. Watch him very carefully. Because
the truth is not in the connection, it is in the behavior.

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