Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I See Through You Like Cellophane

I see through you like cellophane.
I see your sadness and your pain.
I see your self-loathing and your fear.

You are truly a legend in your own mind, you worship yourself.
You need to feel important because you feel like nothing, so you
treat others like nothing in turn.
You want this behavior to make you feel better but it doesn't,
it makes you feel worse.
You want to be more important than you are, so you act that
way hoping people will notice you, not realizing that their
attention comes in the form of pity and disgust.
You disgust yourself.

I am more like you than you know.
I see how lonely and misunderstood you truly are.
I see how little people really know about you, how little you
allow them to see.

How you don’t tell people your innermost thoughts, how you let them
stew and churn and roil inside you until they boil over and spill
out upon others like molten lava.

Lava burns, it melts, it disfigures.

I am one of the disfigured ones.

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